Entourage Vapor-Yami Vapor Taruto - Cloudy Peak Vapes

Entourage Vapor-Yami Vapor Taruto

Entourage Vapors

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Taruto by Yami Vapor is a creamy custard tart dessert or also known as Dan Ta (Egg Tart). Presented by Entourage Vapors. 60ml Gorilla Bottles.
My Take: Man oh man... I have neglected on accident to update this. Wow... I have already gone through multiple bottles. This is an excellent juice. It's similar to a custard, but the sweetness is almost more of a bubblegum... It's very hard to describe, but it's very very good. I've never had anything like this, if you like sweet, custard, cream, really almost any desert profile, you will be pleased. I also think the unique nature of this flavor has appeal beyond that flavor profile, and those words I'm struggling to find as descriptors are why. Very unique, very very good.

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