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Sleek style. Sick performance. The Dagger family of products are fully upgraded in every way and are jam packed with the latest vaping technology. These products give 80 watts maximum, and excellent control. The Dagger was created to offer you a one of a kind vaping experience. This is a single 18650 device, with bypass mode to act similarly to a mech mod as well, albeit with protections not found in unregulated devices. So this mod isn't all about Temperature Control, but also shines in power delivery. The VO Chipset is fine tuned for the Dagger. Upgrades and information for the VO Chipset can be found here. This is a high end chip.

The Dagger box mod is an innovative product geared toward new and veteran vapers. Traditional temperature control devices make the user responsible for setting the temperature. The Dagger ensures the ultimate vaping experience with our unique feature Auto Control Mode. The highly advanced PCB within the unit detects the boiling point of each e-liquid and delivers the optimal temperature every time.

Boasting a feature rich design The Dagger box mod delivers a truly incredible experience all around the board. This unit not only offers durable construction, but is lightweight as well. The box mod offers an ergonomic button layout all while still having an aesthetically pleasing design.


My Take: I don't pass misinformation here. I am yet to try the VO Tech chipset, but reviews overwhelmingly praise it, and this mod. These do not stay in stock, and that's been consistent. That tends indicate that the reviews are on point. VO Tech is really on top of their game, and their chipset is supposed to be wonderful. I also love that their are interchangeable faceplates for this which I will bring in if there's demand. Their are tons of styles to accommodate all tastes, as well as the classy look stock. I'm excited to be bringing these to you all!

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