Vaperz Cloud-Temple Neutral Post NP RDA (Discontinued)

Vaperz Cloud

  • $59.99

Introducing the Temple NP!!

The beloved 30mm Temple is back with a neutral post. When using a neutral post with a dual coil build instead of cutting your resistance in half it actually doubles the resistance.


Perfect for high power devices.

Perfect for series box builds!


Note: We work directly with Vaperz Cloud. If there are any other finishes (Brass, Stainless, etc...) accessories, etc... that you want please let us know. Dependent upon stock and availability, we can and will order them for you! They release in batches with some short notice even to retailers, so grab what you want, and inquire for anything you don't see!


My Take: I want to add a quick addition to this one... the more I vape this, the more I love it. As with all atomizers, you gotta find the sweet spot with build, wicking, and coil placement. This one's easy and standard, leave some space for air under the coils, you have plenty to work with. And most importantly, I discovered something unusual for me... this RDA shines in flavor and vapor with the airflow wide open... That's a rarity, but try it. I wanted to add that advice, since these are selling a lot... give it a try!

I have an original Temple, but it's very very different... The Neutral post on this one doubles your resistance. For instance, if you have 2 coils at .25 ohms each, installing them on this RDA brings you to .5, not .125 . This is very useful, as Is mentioned, for series boxes. With 8.4V you have to build higher, and that means a ton of wraps, and generally some tricky wicking. This RDA allows you to use a regular sized coil, which is nice because it's difficult to find any pre-made coils which are above .3 or so. Now you can use those safely on a series box since with duals would be at .6, not .15 like a normal RDA.

Performance wise, this is what the Temple should've been, and the original is really nice. The build deck eliminates the bottom two sets of airflow. This still leaves you with 3 rows and 18 airholes... Let's just say it's not lacking in the airflow department... This is a huge improvement over the original, since it eliminates the bottom row of holes that can't be closed on the original. Less prone to leaking, still plenty of air, and better flavor In my opinion. All in all it's a beautiful piece of hardware that vapes fantastically. The Temple was my first 30mm atty, and this Neutral Post blows it out of the water. The build deck is beautifully gold plated and a breeze to build on. Plenty of room and generous post holes are found here... Another one that qualifies for a "if you're thinking about it, you will like it, and might as well find out for yourself." I know that's the origin of tons of my gear, you won't be disappointed! 

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