Vaperz Cloud-NATO Mod collaboration With Asylum Mods (Discontinued)

Vaperz Cloud

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Introducing the NATO Mod a collaboration between Vaperz Cloud and Asylum Mods (The awesome team that brought you the Sherman RTA)


The NATO Mod is a 25mm non-hybrid tube mod with a very unique switch system. The NATO Mod can accept the following batteries 18650/20650/20700/21700 and can be adjusted by simply raising or lowering the contact on the top cap.

The switch in the NATO Mod is a whole new take on tube mod switches with it being a solid brass marble that gives a great clicky feedback. It is a mod you will love to use and have to show off.

Quick Recommendation: Leave an atomizer screwed to the top cap while switching contacts for 18650's to the other sizes. It makes it not fall out, and thus is a very simple and quick way to switch. Either way will work, this makes it easier though.


My Take: I waited on the Brass... needed to add some gold to the stable. This thing is truly fantastic! The button has to be used to truly grasp the feel, click, and action. The use of a solid Brass Marble to make contact with the familiar and very efficient silver plated Vaperz Cloud switch has never been done. Now that's not necessary a good thing, but in this situation it is. The NATO utilizes two separate 510 pins, one for 18650's, and the other for the 20650/20700/21700 batteries, which are easily swapped out. The pin is adjustable, but also has a spring, so you screw your atty flush, and get the pin to make contact, then the spring takes care of the rest. Being all silver plated, the conductivity is excellent, and like mods such as the Broadside, having a traditional 510 pin allows more flexibility in what you put on top than a hybrid. ALWAYS USE PROTRUDING PINS WITH ANY MECHANICAL DEVICE.

I really like the semi-auto adjustment of the 510, as It makes swapping batteries a snap. I am currently using a Voras RDA, and an iJoy 21700 battery, and this thing is just nice. The mod has a great feel, it's not much taller than a typical tube, and the 25mm diameter is perfect for today's RDAs. Further, the Voras is a PERFECT match. Pics are incoming. It is 25mm at the base, tapering to 23mm, so a Brass on Brass has a seamless golden taper! Perfect combo, flawless mod, AMAZING SWITCH. Love!

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