Vaperz Cloud-Hammer Of God V4.1

Vaperz Cloud

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Only 500 were made, worldwide, of this color... 

The Hammer of God v4 arrived, and the Re-Design of the beastly box has been a huge success! It's been glued to my Paws since the day they arrived, and happily so! Finally we have the V4.1! Vaperz Cloud listened to feedback, and added features such as Battery Door Dampers to help mitigate any battery rattle, along with larger contacts for the button, which now has a screw for easy adjustments. The button is now slightly protruding as well. The stiffness of the button was the one complaint some people seemed to have on the V4, now you can adjust the throw, and with it protruding, it's easier to push. The same overall Hammer Of God specs we've grown to love remain! This is a fully mechanical, dual parallel-series mod. Not only are you getting 8.4V of power, but you're getting the current split in the Parallel configuration, which will DRASTICALLY lower Battery Sag, and increase Battery Life. You can choose to use either 20700's or 21700's. This beast will liven up with those cells! The firing switch is made from solid ULTEM as on the V4.

Finally. Included with the V4.1 Is a Matching Red Valhalla RDA Cap, and Two Drip Tips! Vaperz Cloud stepped it up here, and now you can snag a HOG, and a 38mm Valhalla, and go Red, and or Gold and Black... Or all three! 

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Anodized aluminum with Updated Design

Stylish Engraved Trim Accents

Accepts 21700 and 20700 Batteries

Parallel-Series Circuit Configuration with Side Loading Bays

Dual Magnetic Battery Bay Doors With Dampers for Battery Rattle

ULTEM Firing Button with Larger, Adjustable Contact

Centered Stainless Steel 510 Threadings with Adjustable Positive Pin 

Dimensions: 94mm x 42mm x 42mm

Treasure Box Contents:

1x Hammer of God v4 by Vaperz Cloud

1x Authenticity Card

1X Valhalla RDA Cap

2X Drip Tips


My Take: This is an entire Re-Design of the Hammer Of God, which is personally one of my absolute favorite mods of all time. Let me say in short, if you read no further... it is more than a worthy upgrade to say the least! The minute you open your package and lay your eyes on the wooden “Treasure Chest” of a box, you know you’ve gotten something special. It’s a worthy work of art to display in and of itself. But the Mod!

This is a bigger box, that allows for the 20700's and 21700's, and additionally easier tear down for maintenance. Vaperz Cloud will be releasing information for doing so to clean your Mechanical Mod in the near future, which will be linked here once available. The size is a treat regarding the insertion of batteries, as are the dual magnetic doors. The access is incredibly easy, and the spring loaded terminals ensure a secure connection, while providing easy insertion and removal of your cells. The 510 Pin remains adjustable, and is a treat to work with! The setup internally, due to the size is all around better, in my opinion. And the size is not at all excessive. I am more than able to comfortably handle this beast.

The Ultem firing button is also a highlight. It's nothing short of a charm. I really like the Square Shape in the Re-Design. The spring is extremely firm and heavy-duty, but that's a positive thing for many reasons. Additionally, the V4.1 has the minor improvements mentioned above, which includes an adjustable fire button. The issue for some regarding spring tension is now gone. Further, after a little over a week of daily use, it's "settled" in just right. While it has "settled" in, the button remains in the exact same position as when new, so the integrity of this switch is very solid. I'm nothing short of pleased to say the least.

This mod also just rips, like any HOG, but with 20700's or 21700's, the battery life and kick are just incredible. I'm getting days of battery life.

I couldn't be any happier with this mod. Custom doors will be coming in many colors, and will be available at Cloudy Peak Vapes Upon release. So this HOG is ready for a new look if you like. Vaperz Cloud killed it!

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