Vaperz Cloud - Hammer Of God V3.1

Vaperz Cloud

  • $199.99

Hammer of God v3.1 with upgraded internals

This is a series mod, and a mechanical mod. It utilizes 4 batteries in a Para-Series orientation. Please educate yourself on what that means prior to purchasing. By purchasing this mod you are acknowledging an advanced understanding of ohms law, battery safety, and mechanical mods, both series and parallel. This is an advanced user device. This is not a good first foray into mechanical mods. It is incredibly safe, but it necessitates knowledge and caution in use in order to be as such. Mechanical mods are just that, mechanical, so proper matched batteries, and proper resistance that falls within your batteries capabilities of discharge are your safety. This is my favorite mod right now. Exercise caution with this device as any other. 

The Hammer of God is back and ready to chuck some clouds! With it's new redesign, the Hammer of God v3 is easily the most functionally and ergonomically friendly of the HOG series. Keeping with the parallel-series style of the HOGv2, this mod gives you the hard hitting vape of a series mod but the safety of a parallel circuited device. It truly is the best way to finish the legacy of the Hammer of God Box Mod.


- 8.4volts

- Parallel-Series circuit system

- Improved Bottom loading battery tray

- Smaller and sleeker redesign


Colors from Left to right:

Purple Space - Zombie Green - Acid Purple - Green Splatter - Red Splatter - Purple Dye - Black


My Take: I had to get these in here. They release in batches... and the current one is sold out. This is a mod you likely know, if you're reading this. I can say that this mod is a series box lover's dream! It is not very big, no bigger than an RX200, just a bit taller. They milled this device beautifully, and there is just enough room for batteries. Its well made and snug. Make sure you have new matched sets of 4 batteries for this, no swaying from that. Further, always inspect your batteries when inserting them. A nick or tear in a wrapper could do a lot of things in this mod that are not good, so you need to take care. Now. This mod is incredible. It truly rips. You get the power of a dual battery series box, but the two pairs of batteries wired in parallel, and then in series to each other provide more punch. In a perfect world, theoretically this gives you twice the battery life, and since the load is split between pairs of batteries, less sag, and theoretically more headroom for Amperage/current. Be very careful with this mod. If you are a series box fan, this is a no brainer if/once you can swing it. I fell in love instantly... any series box fan will too. Back to vaping!


Terms of Use:
Must use high amp batteries.
Must dedicate a married set of four batteries (4 new batteries that are purchased together,
charged together, and used together) to this mod.
Must use atomizer with a protruding 510 connection.
Must understand Ohm’s Law V= I * R
In no event shall Cloudy Peak Vapes, LLC or its attorney be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of products purchased from Cloudy Peak Vapes, LLC.

By using this product, you agree to abide by the aforementioned terms.


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