Vaperz Cloud-Hammer Of God V3

Vaperz Cloud

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In Stock! These are GORGEOUS!!!

The Hammer of God is back and better then ever. The iconic design that compacts four 18650s into a small power house giving you 8.4 volts and double battery life. Updated to perfection to give you a vape that no other mod can give you. The HOG has returned! 

Shipping Notice: This item requires signature delivery due to the expensive nature of the device. Cloudy Peak Vapes will cover the expense.

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8.4 volts
Parallel-Series circuit system
Anodized Aluminum Body Construction
Bottom loading battery tray
Silver Plated Copper Internals
Classic Small Compact Design
Beefier Internals
Gasket on Top Plate the resist against liquid entering the mod. 


Terms of Use:
Must use high amp batteries.
Must dedicate a married set of four batteries (4 new batteries that are purchased together, charged together, and used together) to this mod.
Must use atomizer with a protruding 510 connection.
Must understand Ohm’s Law V= I * R
This is a series mod, and a mechanical mod. It utilizes 4 batteries in a Para-Series orientation. Please educate yourself on what that means prior to purchasing. By purchasing this mod you are acknowledging an advanced understanding of ohms law, battery safety, and mechanical mods, both series and parallel. This is an advanced user device. This is not a good first foray into mechanical mods. It is incredibly safe, but it necessitates knowledge and caution in use in order to be as such. Mechanical mods are just that, mechanical, so proper matched batteries, and proper resistance that falls within your batteries capabilities of discharge are your safety. Exercise caution with this device as any other.

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