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Vape Breakfast Classics-Delue Pancake Man

Vape Breakfast Classics

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Deluxe Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics marks the return of the original and famous mix of fluffy Pancakes, topped off with exquisite Fruity Pebbles, confections of fluffy Marshmallows, and a rich scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. 60ml bottles.


My Take: I love Pancake Man, and French Dude. I've planned to bring them in, and this Deluxe Pancake man was released so I figured what better a way to introduce Vape Breakfast Classics. This one doesn't disappoint. Another juice I opened to try immediately, and I'm in love. The Strawberry is very subtle, more to add some sweet. Then you have that signature syrupy pancake goodness, with a slight hint of each of the following... Fruity Pebbles, Marshmallows, and Vanilla Ice Cream. Those are all subtle and blended well. I will say that the cereal flavor is present in a perfect fashion. If you like some aspect of a cereal flavor but find it often overwhelming... I think this one may be worth a try. ADV for me... 

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