Smok-Alien MOD ONLY


  • $49.99

This is the 220 watt Smok Alien Mod only. For a kit, please return to the Mods and Devices page for your options.

SMOKtech Alien 220W TC Box Mod

The Smok Alien 220W TC Box Mod made it's debut in kitted form, and is now available as a stand alone device, presenting Smok's crowning achievement in output systems with a tremendous 220W range paired in a compact chassis. Measuring a trim 44mm by 30mm by 85mm, the Alien 220W TC is a sleek and compact device that offers fantastic balance and handling with near unmatched performance and feature set. The Alien 220W TC utilizes the most advanced Smok display and chipset to date, with a range of 6 to 220W, three output modes, and full temperature control, driven by two high amperage 18650 batteries run in series. Batteries are loaded from the locking battery door that doubles as the base, providing excellent output and longevity as compared to the overall size. For added ergonomics, SMOKtech has integrated a squeeze to fire mechanism that allows for comfort and extended use, allowing for the complete showcase of the OLED screen. With a display matrix that features a six line and three column display, the screen natively shows each batteries state and life individually, with incredibly rich data feedback overall. Readouts include Working Power/Temperature, Coil Type/Working Effect, Voltage, Mode, Atomizer Resistance, Battery Life, Current, Puff Number, and PCB Temperature. The culmination of SMOKtech's continued design and research advancements in output systems, the Alien 220W TC Box Mod features one of the most robust output and display systems coupled in a slim and trim package, making it one of the hottest Mods this year.

Product Features:
6 to 220W Power Output
    0.35V to 8V
    0.1 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
    Three Setting Output Mode
    Firmware Upgradeable
    Temperature Control OutputNi200 Nickel Support
    Titanium Support
    Stainless Steel Support
    Adjustable Initial Resistance
    200 to 600 degree Fahrenheit Output Range
    0.06 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistange Range
    Extra Large OLED ScreenSix Line and Three Column Display 
    Incredible Data Feedback
    Output Wattage or Temperature
    Output Voltage
    Output Timer
    Mode and Heating Element
    Individual Battery Life Indicator
    Working Effect
    PCB Temperature
    Puff Counter
    Atomizer Resistance
    Amperage Amperage Output 
    Contrast Adjustability
    Rotatable Screen
    Innovative and Ergonomic Firing MechanismComfortable and Easy to Use
    Squeeze to Fire Operation
    Sliding and Locking Bottom Battery Access Door24K Gold Plated Battery Terminals
    Rechargeable via Micro USB Port
    Dual High Amperage 18650 Battery DrivenSold Separately
    Run in Series

    Product Dimensions:
    44mm by 30mm by 85mm

    Product Includes:
    One SMOKtech Alien 220W TC Box Mod
    USB Charging Cable
    User Manual
      My Take: Just like the Alien mod Kit this one's a winner. I don't think I can remember such a universally praised and loved mod than the Alien. Things come and go so fast in this world of vaping, you can literally blink your eye and your new mod is now old tech. Well things have stabilized to a large degree, and the new is more about refinement, something a good chip such as the Alien Mod can and does handle via firmware upgrades. There's a reason that the Alien is still so popular it's difficult to find stock. They started with a great chassis, and a chip that has been maintained, tested by the masses, and refined. This is a hallmark device, not just for Smok, but for vaping. This mod puts the capabilities of one much more expensive, in a compact quality, and proven package.

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