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Purge Mods-Slam Piece Black Plague Edition by Mathew Hagermann


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The Black Plague Edition Slam Piece, Engravings designed by Mathew Hagermann, 500 made.

Purge mods have a revolutionary NEW side fire design and a simple yet exquisite battery rattle adjustment, and the flexibility to customize every aspect of the mod to the users liking with future accessories. This Mod is compatible with 21700, 20700, 20650, 18650 Batteries!!


The Slam Piece Mod features some simple engraving which is CNC machined, deep into the tube. The button housing is comprised of Black Ultem Saftey cup in and one beefy copper contact cup to pack one hell of hit. The threading on each mod is flawless and they are weighty too, these mods ooze high-end quality. Each mod comes with a rugged, hard shell carry case.

These are 1 of 500, worldwide. This version of the Slam Piece Mech Mod features an exclusive Dark Ages-themed "Black Plague" engraving on the external chassis. The theme of Crowes and a Plague Doctor on the Tube, with Plague Infested Rats on the Bottom Housing, this is a beauty... It's in the eye of the Beholder... but this is my favorite Hagerman to date... BY FAR. And it's on the Slam Piece... the Hardest Hitting Tube around. Can't be beaten!
Slam Piece Mod Features

30mm body
Unique Side Fire Button
Locking Feature
Unique sleeve top cap design
Fully adjustable button to compensate for battery rattle
Deep CNC engravings
Hybrid top cap
Locally made in Orlando U.S.A

Slam Piece Mod Contents

1 x Slam Piece Purge mod
1 x Hard shell carry case
1 x Certificate of authenticity (New COA’s are set below the top padding of the beastly Purge case. They’re really nice looking!)

 Don't Forget Your Matching Money Shot RDA!

Shipping Notice: This item requires signature delivery due to the expensive nature of the device. Cloudy Peak Vapes will cover the expense.

My Take: This is a special mod. Not something I say often. Furthermore. It just RIPS! The design is not only unique, but ingenious in function. The amount of contact made to the Thick Copper base is excellent. And the design being side fire, with a thick Copper Cup for the Button contact to battery, we have a mod that has no threading but the Tube and 510 to carry current. This makes the button threading is not an obstacle for your Voltage, as it isn’t Within the path of the current. You contact with the side switch direct to the copper cup, which is insulated, so there’s very minimal resistance in this device. It hits like it too... Yeah... it rips!

I can see this as becoming something that catches on. I’m yet to have anything but stellar comments on this Tube, and my experience matches that.

Further. Yes it is 30mm, I know that turns some off, but it’s called the Slam Piece for a reason. It’s slammed short and fat. Atomizers look great, especially 30mm. Further, there’s an advantage to the short stature and fat girth. This thing is stable on a table, I haven’t tried to knock it over intentionally, but I’ve bumped a table it was on and had other mods fall. This one doesn’t budge. So even if 30mm’s aren’t your thing, there’s real benefit to the girth. I can’t see any disappointment from these. They have a simple locking mechanism as well on the bottom.

We brought in Purge Mods for a reason. They’re impeccably detailed and made, in all facets across the board. The threading is smooth as can be, and quality just Oozes out of the device. This one is BEYOND worth it to pick up. 

Terms of Use:
Must use high amp batteries.
Must use atomizer with a protruding 510 connection.
Must understand Ohm’s Law V= I * R

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