Purge Mods-Carnage Deck Re Stock Incoming


  • $55.00

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This 24mm RDA Deck is a Stellar Piece of hardware, and an absolute Dream to build on. With very generous build space, and two wide open posts with room for the most elaborate builds, this deck shines. Wether a huge Series Build, or a nasty Single Cell build, this Deck will handle it with ease, and the installation of your coils will be just as smooth.


All Purge Carnage RDA Caps

$hot Caps (Purge Money Shot RDA)

Viper Caps (Purge Viper Mod)


Extra Screws

Bottom Feed Pin

My Take:  This deck is truly a pleasure to say the least! The build space is immensely generous to say the least. Add well spaced posts, with secure Flat-Head Grub Screws, and gigantic space for your coil leads, and this one is special! Series Builds have more than adequate room, and single coil builds shine just as well. Further... the simplicity of install of coils on this deck is one of its best features... When I nail a build and wick on the first attempt flawlessly, then can keep replicating it with ease... I know I have a winner!

Add a $hot Cap, Or Ultem Carnage Cap to this deck. The $hot will match the Slam, Side, and Stacked Pieces, and the Carnage/Ultem will match the Slim Piece! All Available Now!

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