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Purge Mods-Carnage RDA Money Shot Cap ($hot)


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Step up the diameter and juice capacity of your Carnage RDA, with the stunning looking 30mm $hot cap. These are designed to fit only onto the Carnage RDA by Purge Mods. This cap is a perfect match and compliment to the Slam Piece, Stack Piece... and more to come?


1 x $hot cap

My Take:  This Cap is just down right flawless for the Slam Piece/Side Piece/Stacked Piece... or any other 30mm mod you wanna sit it on. Fitting flawlessly on the Carnage Deck, the fixed Airflow is Perfect for a low build. I run around .1 On Samsung 30T's on my Slam Pieces, (That is with safe batteries, and not AT ALL suggested or advocated by Cloudy Peak Vapes, LLC. Know your Ohms Law, your batteries, and what to do if something were to go wrong. Mechanical mods and Rebuildables are for Advanced Users ONLY.) At that build I get the perfect amount of airflow for flavor, and plenty of clouds for my preference. DO IT!!!

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