Pioneer4You-iPV Eclipse 200W Box Mod


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The Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse is a new mod from Pioneer4You that offers you a Yihi SXmini G-Class chip set in a brand new and amazing housing.  It features a color IPS HD Display, sturdy side firing bar, ergonomic shape for easy holding and an extremely accurate temperature control system.

This mod is at the cutting edge of vaping technology. It's the nicest device yet to come from Pioneer 4 You, and YIHI. The IPV Eclipse is the culmination of months of R&D. On the front of the IPV Eclipse, you will find a state-of-the-art IPS high definition screen.  The display features brilliant colors and the modern menu was designed to be versatile to operate.  Below the screen on the control face, there are three buttons — down, enter and up — to make navigating the menu system effortless.  At the top, there’s a 510 connection bezel and the bottom features a convenient battery cover to access the two external 18650 cells that power the device.  At the top side, you will find a micro USB charging interface to upgrade firmware or charge the cells while on board the mod.
The Eclipse is the new flagship device from Pioneer4You, and this time they mean business. They took all that they learned from their previous mods and incorporated it into this device.


Size: 90.2mm * 51.1mm * 31mm
Weight 181.1g
Powered by the robust YiHi SX420 Chipset
Easy user interface through the advanced SXi-Q operating system from Yihi
Full-color TFT IPS High Definition screen
Sturdy and reliable side-firing bar with pounds of pressure resistance, preventing accidental firing
Customizable wallpaper/background
Highly-accurate temperature control presets for Stainless SS316L/Nickel Ni200/Titanium/SX Pure as well as Manual TCR for any wire types. Manual TCR range between 0.00050-0.00700
Power and Temp ramp-up pre-configured modes of Soft, Eco, Standard, Powerful, and Powerful+
SXi-Q-S1 mode allows full customization of temperature control at half second intervals over a 20 second fire time. Build your own ramp-up!
Upgradeable firmware
Balanced charging with multi-colored battery charge indicators
Double-locking battery door
Safety protections from: low voltage, low resistance, high input voltage, overheat, output short circuit, and reverse battery/reverse polarity
Auto-setting coil resistance along with customizable coil resistance control
Output Ranges:Power: 5W-200W
Voltage: 1.0V – 9.5V
Temperature 212 ° F – 572 ° F or 100 ° C – 300 ° C
Joules (watts of power radiated per second) 10J 120J
1 x User Manual
1 x Eclipse IPV 200W Box Mod


My Take: Quick update... First, I ran two sets of HG2's to the cutoff, and both pairs metered at 3.29 each battery, on the dot... so it is draining batteries flawlessly even. I've been vaping this all night and day. First day my HOG hasn't seen my hand in ages. An Alpine RDTA on this thing is Pure flavor with claptons! And I re-wicked a 5mm i.d. 22 gauge 8 wrap build at .33, which is hot and needs power... Again, I'm rolling at 80ish, in Powerful +. The Alpine is better in Powerful. Still need to do a TC build... I'll report back. 

So it's been a while since I've really dove deep into a YIHI chip. I've played with the newer ones along the way, but my last one was the SX 330V3SL in the iPV3 Li, which still works flawlessly. This is a whole new ballgame, and playing with one for a bit had this thing haunting me! I've not spent much time with it yet, but I can tell you that this chip by YIHI, the SX 420, Is Stellar! Yeah, an HD screen isn't necessary, but this one is large, bright, clear, and you realize how nice it is really fast. LED's aren't present, so no gimmick there (I like LED's). The screen is just one of those things that's easy to dismiss as unnecessary, but the clarity and sheer amount of information displayed instantly lets you realize it's well more than a way to put pictures on your mod... which you can do too.

Vaping is where this shines and what truly matters. I am kind of a purist in regards to my love of series mechs. So disregarding the screen, how it vapes matters... It does that job admirably to say the least. I threw on a Goon with a .14 build using the King Coils we sell, Maximus to be specific. This is a build that needs wattage and still takes a second to ramp up. I decided to try Powerful +, and to leave it at the starting 80 watts... my build was firing very quickly, to say the least and maintained a perfect vape. I really can't recall another mod that would not only ramp up that fast for that coil, at that wattage, but would keep it rolling at 80 watts. I need to throw it on a DNA 250 to do a real "shootout". I have now! DNA 250's, and both LiPo and 18650 200's just don't kick the power so fast. TC, they're great, as is this, but power... this chip just kicks! And I'm a big DNA fan. But I'm not sure that a DNA can hang in power mode... Again, I truly love all good mods, but I'm partial to DNA's, so that's a heavy statement.

So this thing is a mean little guy. The fire bar is great and the ergonomics are instantly familiar and comfortable. Navigation is very easy and intuitive, and if you make a mistake you don't have to start over. The menu options are near endless, but not overwhelming. And the preloaded wallpapers (I will get photos up very shortly) are actually pretty cool. The main one is awesome too. I tried a 30mm, 25mm, 24mm and a 22mm on it, and it comes soooooo close to fitting the 30mm without an overhang. It is pretty much flush in width, it's fine and fits, but a slight overhang where the mod curves to the fire bar. It isn't much more than a mm or so though. It looks perfectly fine, not at all awkward like many mods... 30mm is not that common, but I wanted to add that. Everything else is fine and the landing pad appears to be 25mm. The 510 is good, typical of iPV's. It is not the deepest I've encountered, but I haven't had issues yet. It's really classy looking in the Silver as well.

 I need to do a few TC builds still. I also need to dive into the PC software. Tthe SXi-Q profile I now have set up, and it's easy and great. It can customize a wattage curve, or temp. curve... I love being able to pump watts at a huge coil for a second then drop it down so the wicking keeps up better. The beauty is most if not everything can be done from the mod... I'm sure it's gonna handle TC fine based on YIHI's chip quality, and excellent reviews and a breakdown by DJLsB on YouTube. KMG and P4You worked a while on this one. They wanted to deliver and deliver well on this one. Time will tell but I'm gonna be using this one a ton, so I'll report back. I've had nothing but good feedback thus far. I need to stop typing and start vaping!

Update: Some is added to the up top... but Cliff Notes is... this would still be in my palms like super glue, I just have too many mods to test now... I love it. The chip is worth it alone In my opinion... FANTASTIC! I really can't say enough. You are truly getting a G-Class quality chip in a different package. The navigation is preference, but it's seeming to be universally preferred as three buttons, NO joystick. This mod is not at the premium end for build quality, but that's not to say anything negative. I would place this at a High-Mid Level mod. I define that as something which is mass produced, but has a chip that can rival most any other. And further, it also is of higher quality than your typical Smok or Sigelei product. While this isn't a G-Class in build quality, it is certainly on a higher level than most. Add the chipset and the value is immense!

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