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Naked 100-Very Berry

Naked 100

  • $19.99

Another winner from the Naked 100 line. Very Berry describes itself, you have Blueberry, Raspberry, & Lemon, all balancing and dancing together in harmony. A true all day vape.

My Take: Naked 100's whole line to me is about clean flavors, true flavors, and balance.  They manage to make their juice very smooth, I rarely find myself thinking one note is too strong. This one is a perfect example. You have Blueberry, Raspberry, & Lemon... Somehow they're all at the party, but none have taken lead. There's just a balance that is All Day Vape pleasant. You taste all the notes, not a single one is butting it's head in to dominate. It's a very good juice. I really love this one.

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