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Naked 100-Candy Yummy Gum

Naked 100

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Yummy Gum by Naked100 is a mouthwateringly tasty strawberry bubble gum, with sweet and juicy strawberry flavor touched with the smoothness of bubble gum packed into each and every vape.
My Take: This is new. I don't write these until I truly have "My Take". I needed to get to this juice and boy am I glad I did. This juice is excellent. It's the Gum that does it. The flavor rounds out into a combo that is neither too sweet, nor too much Strawberry. As usual, Naked 100 has made a blend of flavors that mingle beautifully, with a subtle balance that just seems right. 
I've come to know Naked 100 as just consistently clean, balanced liquid. It's obvious they don't skimp on flavorings, or anywhere along the process. The thing I can say about the entire line is that it's all true to flavor, and the balance is just there. I'm stuck on that, but it's not easy to do. So many juices have one flavor that takes over control and leads the charge. Your gonna taste everything in this line, and it's gonna be well balanced and smooth. 

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