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Vaper Treats-Mr. Malt's Flurry

Vaper Treats

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By Vaper's Treats. A Cookies & Cream and Malt diner classic, with a true malt and creamy cookies and cream tastiness. Mr. Malt's Flurry E-Liquid is like all Vaper's Treats, a perfect balance. The malt is subtle but perfect, and the last of chocolate and cream are well balanced. You don't have to love chocolate to love this juice. Comes in the usual 60ml. bottles.

My Take: I'm a broken record about this line. I love dessert vapes, but I value a lack of sweeteners, and a nice balance for the palette. Too rich or sweet can kill a juice, but Vaper's Treats manages to nail the balance near flawlessly. Yet another ADV. And all of this line of juice has a characteristic that is important. They don't gunk up your wicks or coils. Coming from having worked briefly on a juice line, I know that this is not only a sign of a quality product, but its also nice. I am happy to not need a daily re-wicking...

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