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This mod, by Lotus is an excellent device, which went overlooked to many. Don't let the name LE80 fool you, this mod packs a 30 amp chip, with variable voltage controlled via potentiometer ranging from roughly 3-6V. That puts total output at 180 watts, with a build of .2, which is the minimum resistance. There is a three way toggle below the potentiometer to select either, off, battery voltage, or voltage as set by the user. When on battery voltage, the display will show both idle, and under load readings. The set voltage setting only displays while firing. There is atomizer short, low battery voltage, and reverse battery protection built in to this device.


Spring loaded 510 connector on Lotus le80 Box Mod

3 stage shifter LED control up: voltage output, middle device is off , bottom: battery life

0.2-5.0 ohm Resistance when firing atomizers on Lotus le80  Mod

3 stage shift LED control – Up- vaping output voltage Middle- Device is off – Bottom – Remaining battery percentage

Twist style potentiometer – for increasing and decreasing operating voltage

Voltage range for the Lotus le80 Box Mod  is 3.3V – 6.1V

Lotus le80 Box Mod has a Top style fire button

Lotus le80 Mod displays battery percentage on the LED screen

3 digit LED display – voltage & battery status

Magnetic battery cover designed on the Lotus le80

2 18650 batteries 30amp or higher. (flat top batteries are recommended)

Lotus le80 Box Mod is wired for Batteries in series not parallel

Comes with one authentic box for authenticity

LE80 Mod  will detect battery direction and will not operate if inserted incorrectly

My Take: I personally own two, and they are very comparable in performance to a HexOhm V3, though not quite as exclusive. Mine have stood the test of time. This device is sure to please any advanced user, who desires raw simple power. The additional feature of the three way toggle and the meter are very simple, but incredibly useful additions.

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