• $17.99

This is for one pair of 3000 Mah 18650 20A continuous discharge. These are authentic LG batteries, no re wraps are sold here.



Brand: LG Chem

Model: HG2

Size: 18650

Chemistry: INR

Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh

Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

Discharge: 20A Max Continuous

Positive: Flat


Rechargeable: Yes

Dimensions: 18.35mm x 64.94mm 

Weight: 44.9g

My Take: I treat batteries extremely seriously, they are usually the most crucially important item a vaper uses. A proper battery is essential, as is an authentic one. Unfortunately batteries are re wrapped, my batteries are all authentic. I use these batteries virtually exclusively in all of my regulated mods. If I'm demanding high current I may use Samsung 25r's, but these batteries manage an excellent balance of capacity and high amperage discharge for an 18650. These are best when used 15A and under, but are tested and safe up to 20A. None of this testing is performed by myself.

Data Sheet: https://www.imrbatteries.com/content/lg_HG2.pdf

Warning: Batteries are an advanced user item. Please educate yourself accordingly.

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