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Kilo E Liquids-KiBerry Yogurt 60mL

Kilo E Liquids

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KiBerry Yogurt is a delicious yogurt cream that is infused with a blend of fresh strawberries and a dash of kiwi, forging a perfect harmony between sweet tartness and Kilos signature cream flavors. Kilos complex blend produces a fruit mixture on the inhale that leaves a creamy yogurt aftertaste.


My Take: This one takes me back to 2014... Kilo has been around for a while... this flavor has been around for a while... there's a reason. I remember buying 15ml bottles of this for around $24.99... Yeah, things have changed. This is a perfect blend of Strawberry and Kiwi, with a Slight hint of Yogurt. You really don't get any of the flavors too far forward, and smacking you in the face... it's just a very nice, delicate balance. I'm soooo excited to get this one in stock. It's been a while!

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