GTRS-VBOY 200W Box Mod w/ YiHi SX500 Chipset


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The GTRS VBOY 200W Box Mod is a high-powered, dual battery device from GTRS, in collaboration with YiHi. Built with one of the best YiHi chipsets on the market, the SX500, the VBOY is capable of supporting a top power output of 200 watts and provides a full suite of functionality that includes precise resistance settings as well as five memory slots. This mod has the same SXi-Q functionality as the G-Class and Eclipse. It is fully compatible with the SXi-Q software for customization of power curves, upgrades, and custom wallpapers. It also features 2 Amp balanced Charging. The power curves for the SXi-Q interface can be set using the device as well for ease of use.

While the YiHi chipset offers less customization than the comparable Evolv DNA chipset, it still offers precise and reliable outputs and extensive functionality. Software aside, one of the most outstanding features of this model is the large. 1.3 inch TFT IPS full-color screen. Offering a high resolution display and provides a fully customization and intuitive menu system.

 GTRS have created a larger box mod that incorporates anti-slip, silicone and plastic side panels. Similar to the materials used in golf balls, this makes it easier to grip while being soft to the touch – a combination that adds up to very comfortable vaping experience overall.

Wattage: 5-200 watts
Resistance Range: 0.05 – 3.0 ohm, best at 0.1 – 0.5 ohm
Temp Range: 200°F-600°F/100°C- 300°C
Battery: 2 x 18650 batteries (not included)
Display Resolution: 240*240
Power & Joule Memories: Each M1 – M5
Taste: Standard/Powerful/Powerful+/SXi-Q Compatible with the SXi-Q Software for upgrades, power curves, and wallpapers/SOFT

2 Amp Balanced Charging (We recommend a charger still)
Thread Type: 510 spring-loaded thread
Light Color: Red, Green, White, Tiffany Blue, Blue
1 x VBOY 200W Box Mod
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
Colors: Black with Red | Black with Green | Black w White | Black with Tiffany Blue |  Black with Dark Blue


My Take: The battery door on these mods has been fixed from the review versions. I have been glued to this mod, and am INCREDIBLY impressed. Weeks in as a daily carry, and my door hasn't budged. We received confirmation that these were the fixed units and after use, I can confirm that they are.

Now the mod. It feels great. I had a slight juice spill out the back air of my Deathtrap before even firing it... (yes it sits 30mm and looks great!) and I found the first plus about the Golf Ball texture aside from the nice grippy feel. It's horizontal and managed to catch the small juice spill dripping. If it weren't textured, into my fire button on my brand new mod it would've travelled... total unexpected positive... I like that. The "Golf Ball" texture and material is nice by the way. It's not a sticker, but rather seems built into the frame. And the Texture on the front and back is in the metal. This mod has minimal seams which is nice, and a nice weight and feel. Once again, Like the Snowwolf VFENG, I'm really liking front fire buttons again. They just fit thumb or trigger firing with either hand with ease. The button is nice and clicky as well, with a nice tactile feel. Further, i'm not sure much juice would've leaked in, since it's tolerances are very good, and it appears well sealed.

YIHI's SX500 needs no explanation. It's been about a year since I used TC, I'm a Series Box Mech Guy, and I'm a "DNA Guy" when it does come to Temperature Control... but this one nails it. However, for power I'm a YIHI convert. This chipset simply puts out harder than anything I've tried. I'm sure there is something out there to make me eat those words, but regulated, the kick this chip has is unrivaled. I'm a Series mod guy, and this thing more than satisfies me. It offers the same feature of the iPV Eclipse, though this mod is nicer for sure. The differences are subtle in function, but very different in design. It offers all the functions of the G-Class and the YIHI SX550, just no joystick or bluetooth... I like the 3 buttons, and doubt I'd use bluetooth, so I'm loving these chips. 

This one is nicer than the Eclipse, and I suggest it for sure if you like larger than 25mm attys. The Eclipse can sit some 30mm... but it's not super balanced in appearance. This one is damn close to G-Class in sitting a 30mm with the centered 510. It's form factor is also very similar. The mod is wider than 30mm but tapers at the top a tiny bit. It's negligible to me. Both have essentially the same chip and are both fantastic. I use my Eclipse constantly, but this one is worth the premium if you can swing it. And especially if you like big attys. The Eclipse is a sure fire winner as well. These chips are similar, but the mods are very different. This comes with a very nice carrying bag, and other accessories as well. It's nice.

I opened with that first statement because it was a known issue.  Because of that we waited a few weeks on these. I knew this would be fantastic, but they had some small issues with the design. The point about GTRS is that they listened, and they fixed it. This mod now has a 510 secured with a nut which is my preferred way and the way you see most any quality mod. They fixed issues some reviewers were having with the battery door securing well with hard use. The retail units out now have fixed those issues, and as a newer company to the scene, I applaud that. We usually wait on new stuff, most companies don't fix issues so we end up not carrying something at times... GTRS listened.

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