FRYD- Fried Watermelon - Cloudy Peak Vapes

FRYD- Fried Watermelon


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A watermelon covered in crispy fried dough, watermelon syrup drizzle and topped with powdered sugar. The satisfying vape of the deep-fried county fair treat of Watermelon by FRYD Liquids, provides a fried dough on the inhale with juicy watermelon and subtle notes of powdered sugar on the exhale.

My Take: The great line of FRYD E Liquids continues! The taste of a fried watermelon... You probably haven't tried that... it's really good. Fried pastry batter watermelony goodness! This one is growing towards my favorite. I just love this whole line. Cream Cakes and Watermelon together is something special...

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