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FRYD-Cream Cakes 60ml


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FRYD Cream Cakes Ejuice 60ml vape juice is the scrumptious deep-fried cream cake. The famous American snack cake favorite is the flavor of the golden deep-fried cake blended with notes of sweet cream. FRYD E-Liquid Cream Cakes is a fried golden sponge cake filled with subtle sweet cream than deep-fried to a golden shimmer. Enjoy this American classic for your next all-day-vape!


My Take: I love this whole line. This one is kind of the purest essence of the line in my opinion. A creamy, fried twinkie... the definition of fried, gluttonous goodness. The thing we all love, but you can't have it too often, or you can... that's fine. But with this juice, FRYD has re-created that flavor with an accuracy that will leave you desiring a fried twinkie no more, but rather a vape of this delicious juice. Just pleasant and balanced and tasty!

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