Envii-Loch Ness


  • $39.99
  • Save $50

The Loch Ness originally was a hand made, stabilized wood, high end mod, highly desired by mod collectors around the world because of its design, form factor, exclusivity and overall quality. Envii in proud to bring to you quality that is unparalleled, paired with the same form factor of the original Ness to the masses.


-Dual 18650 battery
-5-150 watts
-User friendly menu system
-Quick release battery door
-Infamous catch cup 510 for smaller atomizers as well as a flat cap 510 for bigger atomizers.
-Wattage boost mode
-Power smooth mode
-User customizable power curve mode
-Temp control TCR/TFR device compatible with kanthal, stainless (306, 316 and 317), titanium, nickel and tungsten wire
-Dry sensing (temp control only) will display "no liquid" when your atomizer is dry.


My Take: I initially got one for myself to try, since it's a newer company and chip, I didn't want to sell something I can't get behind. Well, I can't put this thing down. The rubberized finish has held up perfectly, the SS316l Temp Control works well, and the wattage mod with the boost and curve is great. I'm kinda an unregulated series box guy, or a DNA if I'm going regulated, so it says a lot that I've been using this thing so much. It such a nice mod.


Update: A good 4-5 months in mine is still almost flawless. No paint has chipped or peeled, as the rubbery finishes tend to. Its just a joy. I'm admittedly easy on my mods, but I tend to push these chips, and it's more than held up. The ergonomics of it are just unreal and comfortable.

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