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Dinner Lady-Strawberry Custard 60ml

Dinner Lady E Liquid

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Another Dinner Lady Liquid Made in the UK! 60ml

With the irresistible velvety taste of Strawberry Custard, this will be your favorite, with its silky combination of creamy custard and butter caramel overlaid with strawberries.


My Take: Like the Strawberry present in the Rice Pudding flavor, this one is unique. Strawberry Custard doesn't cover the true spectrum of this juice. The Strawberry Custard is special in that the strawberry tastes accurate. It doesn't taste artificial, it tastes like a desert made with real strawberries. Then you have the butter caramel... it's subtle, but it's so right! I love custards, and the Strawberry in this one is so balanced and true that it's a must try.

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