Dinner Lady-Rice Pudding-60ml - Cloudy Peak Vapes

Dinner Lady-Rice Pudding-60ml

Dinner Lady E Liquid

  • $17.24

This is Liquid made in England, and it's been getting quite the reputation! 60ml.


A new dessert to add to the menu – smooth, creamy Rice Pudding with an irresistable add to the mixture; mouth-watering, raspberry jam.


My Take: I went to this one first... Opened em' all, smelled em' all, they're great. I just went with this one, and it is FANTASTIC! I admittedly have not been vaping it for long, but it's something special. Thus far my impressions are that the Rasberry Jam is very present and forward. However, when you exhale, the whole vape mellows down into what I would more consider akin to the Rice Pudding. It's got a hint of sweetness, and just a touch of creaminess. The Rasberry pleasantly takes a back seat. I will say that upon first smell, and vape, that I Immediately thought of Khali Vapors, Valley Girl. If you like that, you will like this. This is way more mellow and balanced across the palate, but if I had to guess, they use the same Rasberry flavoring... it's a good one! Time to get back to vaping!

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