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Crush Fruits E-Liquid - Wonderful! 60ml (By Naked 100)

Crush Fruits

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This wonderful juice is a mix of raspberry hard candy and delicious gummy bears is sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

From the makers of Naked100!


My Take: I finally got to this one... it's good. In My Opinion, really good. I've been vaping it constantly since I popped one open. I will say that from my experience, Rasberry is on the list of flavors that can taste of medicine to me. I always taste a tiny drop of juice prior to vaping it, and It's delicious, and obviously vapes deliciously. It has a definite candy taste to the Rasberry, which is simultaneously perfect in the level of sweet, and I'm guessing the reason this one is so good. If you like Rasberry, you will like this juice I'd guess. I'd also say that if candy flavors entice you, as long as Rasberry isn't a no for you, you're gonna like it as well. It's made by Naked 100... so no surprise at its quality to me. ADV material!

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