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Crush Fruits E-Liquid-Delicious 60ml (By Naked 100)

Crush Fruits

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A delectable blend of blue Gummy bears with a surprising tart finish that is sure to impress any candy junkie. 


From the makers of Naked100!


My Take: Another hit from Crush fruits. I got to this line in the same day, and it's great. Blueberry isn't quite a perfect description, but it's probably the closest to the flavor. It has a candy blueberry taste, though not too sweet. I've never had Blueberry candy, but this liquid tastes just as I imagine blueberry candy would. Not too tart at the end, if you're on the fence about the tartness, It shouldn't be offensive. It's more of a complimentary flavor to round things out on the exhale. Good stuff! Naked 100 is yet to disappoint me. Wether I like the flavor or not, it's just all clean and well balanced. 

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