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Circus Cookies-Circus Cooler

Circus Cookie

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The all new Circus Cooler. A refreshingly fruity soda pop reminiscent of classic Japanese bubble soda. This juice comes in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle!


My Take: More please!... Wow this one is good. ADV for me for sure! I admittedly didn't know what that soda that is referenced is supposed to taste like, and now I know that it's really good! This has almost a Baja Blast Mountain Dew taste... I'm almost certain that's the flavor I'm tasting. I haven't had soda for a while but I used to really like Baja Blast! Still, there's definitely something more, and it's something unique going on here. I can't put this juice down. The fizzy aspect isn't dissimilar to how they do sour e juice, but it's not at all sour, and it is a subtle note in the background. It's hard to describe but very pleasant. The sweet flavors of some vanilla, citrus, bubblegum (In my opinion) and just overall balance take the forefront. I think this one is worth a try for anyone who likes any of those flavors. It's not too sweet, just right, and doesn't gunk up coils for me yet. I find it to shine on both a powerful Series Box, and equally as good at lower power, or in a tank even. Just be careful... you may find yourself needing more fast! I may find myself taping a bottle to my mod... just to keep it ready...

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