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Circus Cookies-Circus Coconut Cake 100ml

Circus Cookie

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A whipped cream filled Chocolate Cake, topped with delicious Coconut Shavings and Marshmallow Cream.

100ML Bottle

My Take: Well, no surprise to me I dig this one. I always am wary with a new juice, but when I get a taste for a line, sometimes I just dig em' all. Puff Labs and Circus Cookies is becoming just that. I find the familiar Circus Cookies flavor here, with... you guessed it, Coconut! The Cake is subtle, but a batter-type flavor is definitely present. It's subtlety is pleasant and needed to keep it balanced. I find this one to have a bit of a more pronounced throat hit then some. I don't mind that. I am vaping at higher wattage as well, so I should maybe throw on a different build and dial it down to see if that can be mitigated. Again, I really don't even need nicotine, but I like it, so a bit of a throat hit is something I'm more than fine with. I say flavor profile is accurate here, and the balance is smooth and on point. That brings me to the conclusion that if you like this flavor profile, or really any facets of it, you should give it a try. Circus Cooler is Amazing as well! Expect to see more of the line in soon!

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