Aspire-Cleito Exo Tank


  • $19.99
  • Save $10

The Cleito EXO Tank has the latest in Aspire's flavor enhancing technology. It has an innovative airway and chimney guaranteeing zero leaks. It's top-fill and easy to disassemble for your convenience. With its improved airflow system and slots on the top side of the tank it allows for great flavor and vapor production. The coils for the Cleito EXO or interchangeable with the Cleito Tank and further adds to your convenience. With a Cleito coil installed your tank capacity is 3.5mL and with the larger pre-installed 0.16ohm coil your tank capacity is 2mL


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My Take: I regard the original Cleito as a great tank still. It's just a good tank. Coil life is good, flavor is on point, overall it's a winner. The EXO takes that design and re structures the airflow. It's path enters at the top, then down the sides and up. It's a near leak free design for an already near leak free tank. The EXO shell also adds some robustness and protection. I'm not saying it won't break, but this is a tank I'd choose to drop if I had a choice of all the tanks I stock or have encountered. It's one to have in the stable. You may just end up with a handful. 

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