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A Billion Lives- Blu-Ray

A Billion Lives

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The Critically acclaimed documentary. Soon to be available on Blu-Ray! Details coming soon!

This is on delay, but still planned to be brought to our virtual shelves...

It is available on Amazon, iTunes, and other streaming sites. I highly suggest you go to one of those and watch it. It's truly incredible, and it's something that is very good to share with those who may not know what we are really up against. Educating non-Vapers is a key aspect to us staying around for the long haul. This movie is made by a non-Vaper or smoker. It's truly powerful, and very educational, with a broad audience appeal. This isn't a movie to geek out on vaping, it's to educate about the big picture... (I like geeking out on vaping by the way).

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