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Located just south of Denver Colorado, Cloudy Peak Vapes, LLC formed in late January of 2017. It was a two month project to get from formation to opening, and we are happy to be here to serve your vaping needs! We aim to provide quality service, first and foremost. And we believe in carrying quality products, while aiming to provide competitive pricing.

Myself and vaping leads back to 2009-10. I was a tobacco user in many forms, and I found an old Cig A Like, by NJOY at a tobacco shop of all places. I bought it. It was really expensive and didn't work very well, but I liked it. I kept vaping for a bit, moved to a better device, but technology at the time just didn't do the job, and back to Tobacco I was.

Things changed In 2011. I had a benign tumor in one salivary gland. It was unrelated to Tobacco, but that was it. The surgery was not fun, and was risky due to facial nerves, but I did ok. I was able to quit cold turkey after that. That didn't last too long. Those packs of cigarettes kept staring me in the eyes when I paid for gas, etc... Between that and working in a restaurant, I caved. Back I was to tobacco...

So it's 2013, and I found myself 2 years removed from a Tumor in my salivary gland. I also found myself using tobacco again. Really? That's all I could think. Then came the fateful day I walked into a new vape shop, got an ego twist, and a Kanger Evod. I was already familiar from the past, and the ego was a vast improvement for back then. Since I set foot in that shop in 2013, I have not so much as had an urge for Tobacco.

Vaping has been a life changing, and likely life saving habit I have changed to. I run a lot, and can breathe... that is very impactful. And further, vaping has become my passion, an important hobby, and something I'm enthusiastic about. The amount I've learned that can be applied throughout life is immense as well.

Though my story should in no way represent that vaping is going to help quit tobacco, I still take great pleasure in helping others obtain these products. I hope that they can be as impactful for you as they have been for me!

Please direct any questions, comments, concerns, stock requests, etc... to info@cloudypeakvapes.com

1 (866) CPVAPE6 M-F 9-5 MDT (Messages will be returned ASAP, so don't be shy).

We are always welcoming of feedback and suggestions. You, our customer, are the only reason we exist, and we aim to provide service that reflects those feelings. We are here to listen!

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