Purge Mods

Our Collection of EXTREMELY Premium Purge Mods Mechanical Devices & RDA's. These are made In Orlando, Florida, some with exquisite, intricate Engravings from Matthew Hagermann.

Custom Coating AND Plating Is Now Available!

Done IN HOUSE by Purge's Painter, Preston Bartley! Please Contact us with requests, and we will relay pricing to you. Then we can eliminate the Middle man. We will order the requested Raw Tube, then have them Paint it, and Send it DIRECT to you.

No waiting for the Mod from us, Paying for Sending it to Purge, Waiting on Coating/Plating, then Waiting/Paying for Delivery back to you. Save Time, Shipping, and Hassle, and get EXACTLY what YOU want! Your Imagination is pretty much the limit on what they offer... so get creative!!!

Shoot us an email at andrew@cloudypeakvapes.com and we will get the process rolling!

Feel free to contact us with any specific requests, or finishes, as we will gladly take care of obtaining specific items and finishes for you!