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Sad Panda Wraps Coils

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Sad Panda Wraps Coils are handmade Coils By CJ Mann. We have various different types of coils. Many are unique to Sad Panda... and the work, both visually, and flavor/vapor production are second to none. Some of these coils look like Jewelry, yet they vape even more Beautifully! We are Proud to Stock Sad Panda Wraps! If you purchase some... You will be very happy with your vape, and proud to show off your build!

 Pics incoming!


SPW Exclusive-To Sad Panda Wraps!


Panda AK. - SPW exclusive. These guys didn’t get their name by accident. The Alien Killers are super flavorful, and will be sure to keep you shaded all day. Great for Cloudy Comps, or everyday Vaping!


Frapple - Available in T/P and S/S, The Framed Staple is a great combo of Clouds and Flavor. If you like a nice warm vape, then these are for you! The Main Ribbon Cores have a larger surface area for turning juice into Happiness for you taste buds! Wide build provides HUGE surface area, to make your RDA look and vape MANLY!


Zombies - SPW EXCLUSIVE! These are FLAVOR MONSTERS! By far the most flavorful build out there. Try at 80 watts for a nice cool vape, packed with flavor! Try them at 180 watts for a powerful hot vape, that explodes with an array of notes you never knew existed!


Braideds - Available in T/P and S/S braided are and awesome mix of flavor and could production. S/S are excellent! T/P version is great for a warm vape with a nice ramp up time!


Fused SS316 - When you just want that simple, fast ramp up, old school build. These are sure to fire you up, and chuck some NICE CLOUDS!


Fused ni80 - Available in T/P, and S/S. There is a reason so many people prefer the Classic Fused Coils, but mainly because they get the job done! Flavorful and long lasting, these economic coils will be sure to put a smile on your face!


Panda Cub - SPW Exclusive! Half the Panda AK, and Still Kicks ass! This is an AWESOME coil if you want to Cloud Comp! Ramp up is Super Fast, and forms clouds like you earned about in Vape School! Cumulous, Flavor is adequate, but in a comp, cloud is KING!


Wrapgods - SPW Exclusive! Short, Sweet and to the point! Ramp up is like a parallel coil with the ribbon wire flavor booster! Great Economic coils to get the job done thoroughly!


Multiverse - SPW Exclusive! Looks Like a common everyday suture, ut when you truly get to know it… you see the Twisted Surprise it beholds! Great for everyday vaper! 100 Watts on this guy will give you a plethora of flavors, and leave you wondering? “When will this cloud end!”


Fatboy’s - SPW Exclusive! Thins where it’s in, but Fat is where it’s at!!! Nothing shy about these big boys! They lay it all out with that kid body ribbon fuse, turning your juice into a flavor party in your mouth! The half stagger makes OOOOHHHHH so many juice pockets for MAJOR clouds all day! Slower on the ramp, but it makes a Nice/Cool/Warm Vape. Pleasurable every single pull!


Name - wire*gage*wrap*ohm:



Frapple-SS316L*28/36/.3(6) *5*.1Ω

Panda ‘Alien Killer’ SS316L*26/32/.4*5*.1Ω




Panda Cubs-SS316L*22/32/.5*5*.1Ω





Wrap Gods-N80/SS/K*28/40/.3*.33Ω


Lil Juggernauts-Ka*26(2)/.5 *8*.28Ω





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