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Purge Mods-Murdered Out Slim Piece Kit


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The Slim Piece Murdered Out Kit! In Brass Or Copper, the Slim Piece is back! Cerakoted in Black, with a matching Black Ultem Bottom Housing, and Carnage RDA Cap. That’s not all folks... this kit is COMPLETE! You also get the Brand New Stainless Steel Carnage 1.5 Deck. No more scrubbing that Brass Deck, and they removed the lip that many dislikes on the bottom! Purge always delivers, they Listen Too!

Brand new from Purge Mods, we have The Slim Piece, compact but packs a punch. At 25mm up top, and 3 Inches Short... Purge has used their side fire design to bring you The Slim Piece. Still utilizing their simple yet exquisite battery rattle adjustment, and the flexibility to customize every aspect of the mod to the users liking with future accessories. This Mod is 18650 Compatible Only. Now you can rock the same beastly punch provided by the Slam Piece, in a more compact size, which sits more atomizers flush. This sucker is SHORT! Such a stealth and compact Beast!

The Slim Piece Mod features some simple engraving which is CNC machined, deep into the tube. The button housing is made of Ultem and one beefy copper contact cup to pack one hell of hit. The threading on each mod is flawless and they are light weight too, these mods ooze high-end quality. Each mod comes with a rugged, hard shell carry case.

Slim Piece Mod Features:

26mm Body that tapers to 25mm
Unique Side Fire Button
Fully adjustable button to compensate for battery rattle
Deep CNC engravings
Hybrid top cap
Locally made in Orlando U.S.A

My Take: Take a Slam Piece, give it a Diet to lose 5mm in waist size, find some way to make that diet also shrink it in height, and you have your Slim Piece! Plenty of great 18650's are around and coming out still. For those who want likely the absolute smallest mech on the market now, that rips just as hard as a Slam Piece... this is for you. For those that want to get into Side Fire, and save a bit, this is for you. If you don't like 30mm attys and find smaller ones to look odd on the Slam Piece, this is for you.

Finally... I know we all have tons of 18650's... I sure do. This will give you an opportunity to keep em in rotation... And this thing is just Silly Small, without sacrificing a thing in the performance department.

Terms of Use:
Must use high amp batteries.
Must use atomizer with a protruding 510 connection.
Must understand Ohm’s Law V= I * R

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