Purge Mods-Constant Contact Switch In Stock


  • $110.00

Upgrade your Purge Mods with their brand new, bottom fire Constant Contact switch.

The button housing is comprised of 3 very strong magnets which ensure a comfortable throw and one hell of a hit, along with one beefy copper contact pin, surrounded by Ultem.

Compatible with:

The Fallout

The Viper

The Back to Basics v4

The Kraken

(Legacy Mods do not fit this switch. A Legacy Mod Constant Contact Switch will arrive, but not for a bit.)

My Take: Our first shipment sold out in One Day. There’s good reason. This is an ESSENTIAL! If you have a tube that fits this switch, as listed above, forget a Silver Spring, a Silver Contact... get Constant Contact. This switch elevated the Bottom Fire Purge Tube to a new level in many ways. It absolutely RIPS! These are already hard hitting mods, but this switch brings them up to par with the Slam Piece. It’s instantly noticeable. Further. Purge switches never have issues with misfires when well mainained, but with a moving contact, there is arcing that is inevitable to occur on the contact and battery. This requires using an eraser, or some manner of cleaning the carbon build up off of your contacts regularly. If not you will have misfires. This switch makes that a thing of the past. Then add the smooth weighty throw, the seemingly instant reaction no matter where you press the button, and the beefy quality machining. Don’t hesitate. I can guarantee that you will be more than happy when you fire your Tube with this Switch! Get ready for a whole new Beast!

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