Puff Labs-Psycho Unicorn 100ML - Cloudy Peak Vapes

Puff Labs-Psycho Unicorn 100ML

Puff Labs

  • $24.99

Ever wonder what a rainbow coming out of a Twinkie taste like? Well now you can find out! Puff labs presents the Pyscho Unicorn. Fluffy cream cake with mystical rainbow candy.


My Take:  Well... I had to use a stock description, as quite frankly... I don't have a clue what a rainbow coming out of a twinkie tastes like... at all! It sounded damn good, Puff Labs KILLS it with all their flavors, and I'm a sucker for the Crazy Unicorn, so it's in!

The flavor... It's great. I get a distinct Twinkie taste on the inhale, which is quickly accompanied by a mixture of creamy, icing, with a hint of fruit. I get a Strawberry note, not indifferent to the mild ones in many breakfast flavors... which is a positive. It's not overwhelming, and it's a juice that both can be vaped all day, but at 100ml deep, I'm still guessing on the exact profiles of the icing, in a good way... I value that, as long as it's good... this one is excellent! 

I suggest taking the Psychotic Plunge into Unicorn World, with a passion! Enjoy!

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