Syntheticloud-Alpine 24mm RDTA


  • $9.99
  • Save $33

Syntheticloud returns with the Alpine RDTA. Guaranteed performance with the Alpine's gold-plated two-post deck, titanium screws, and a 3mL tank capacity. The revolutionary aspect of the Alpine is the center-fill design that enables the user to effortlessly fill the tank by dripping liquid straight down the center post.



Adjustable top airflow
Adjustable bottom airflow
Gold plated 2-post deck
Titanium screws
24mm diameter
Center-fill system
3mL juice capacity


My Take: I've been a fan of Syntheticloud since the Aeolus V1 was around... the V2 came out and I was in love! I still am. That's why I carry them. They are superbly manufactured with precision and care, and they have innovated regularly and consistently. After a slight absence, Synthticloud is back. The Alpine RDTA is yet another piece of quality and innovative design. It's build deck is typical of Syntheticloud... intuitive and machined with precision. It will take your builds with ease. The adjustable top and bottom airflow are positioned well for many different possibilities of draw. 


The kicker to me is the ability to drip down the center directly into the tank. I'm yet to see that elsewhere and it's beyond convenient. It's diversity afforded by that feature is immense. It's almost simultaneously an RDA and an RDTA with the ease of filling and manner of which you do so. Did I mention flavor? Yeah... if you know the Aeolus you know that Syntheticloud and flavor have always been synonymous and this ones no exception. Don't worry though, you still will have plenty of vapor to keep it cloudy!

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