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Hellvape-Dead Rabbit RDA Designed by Vapin' Heathen


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It's here! This one is FANTASTIC! I'm going to link a video that has Grimm Green at ECC interviewing Billy, Vapin' Heathen who designed this RDA! I've heard some issues going around with the name... This video will lead you through how this gem works, builds, tastes, and WHY this RDA is named the Dead Rabbit. Hint... He's a fan of the movie "Gangs Of New York." The Dead Rabbits was the name given by the media to a certain Irish gang, which is in that movie... "The More You Know!"

The HellVape Dead Rabbit RDA is made in collaboration with Heathen, a respected vaping reviewer in the industry, to present a fully comprehensive rebuildable atomizer, featuring an elevated "postless" quad terminal build deck with diagonal dual slotted top-side airflow design. Utilizing the creative designs from Vapin' Heathen and the manufacturing prowess of HellVape, the Dead Rabbit RDA measures 24mm in diameter with CNC engravings on the wall sleeve. The implementation of a knurled top cap provides additional flair to the structure, while offering the convenient functionality of throttling the dual slotted top-side airflow. Knurling is something that you never knew you needed until you have it. It just makes adjustments and removal so much easier.

The airflow is crafted with a diagonal orientation, resulting in an enhanced flavor from the Dead Rabbit RDA while offering excelling cooling properties to the internal chamber. The build deck integrates a unique quad terminal "postless" design, fully elevated to create spacious building and wicking area. The terminal openings measure 2.5mm in diameter to accommodate large wires, where coil leads are inserted and side-secured via Phillips or hex flathead screws. The entire deck is connected with a PEEK-insulated block for a heat resistant foundation with the positive posts gold-plated for strong conductivity in order to run high powered configurations. Presenting a user-friendly build deck with the addition of creative design elements from Vapin' Heathen and HellVape, the Dead Rabbit RDA is a top contender for high-performance RDA in the market. It's pretty darn affordable, too.

Note: Aluminum Finishes Come with a Random Colorful Resin Drip Tip.

Product Features:

5mm Deep Juice Well

Double O-Ring Secured
PEEK Insulator
10mm Wide Bore 810 Resin Drip Tip
Gold Plated 510 Connection
Gold Plated Bottom Feed Pin
304 Stainless Steel Construction
24mm DiameterTop Terminal Four Post Build Deck
Gold Plated Positive Posts
Single Terminal Per PostSingle or Dual Coil Options
2.5mm Terminals Per Post
Side Mounted Hex Screws or Side Mounted Flathead Screws
Top Side Diagonal Adjustable Airflow10mm by 2.5mm Each Airslot
Single or Dual Coil Options
Minimizes Leaking
Fully Closeable
Knurled Grip To Adjust Airflow With Ease

Product Includes:
Hellvape Dead Rabbit 24mm RDA
One 10mm Wide Bore 810 Resin Drip Tip
510 Drip Tip Adapter
Spare Parts Pack
Gold Plated Bottom Feed Pin
Allen Key


My Take: This one is awesome! The video below is probably my favorite. It's not gonna be super "dive down, close up" stuff, but rather Grimm Green and Billy at ECC 2017, sitting together and discussing the merits, why's, how's, everything possible. You're gonna be hearing the designer, a vaper like us, explaining it all, and ANOTHER reviewer in Grimm Green, who is clearly blown away by the RDA. To paraphrase, there's definitely mention by Grimm of it being one that will not be retired. 

I like it too. I've been a fan of top airflow since the Vector. I have 10. This one is stellar, and makes a bit of an innovative turn. The airflow is top side, but it's angled directly down to the coils. Any worry about airflow and coil positioning is something to put aside. Heathen describes it, but the Rabbit Ear deck also led to the name. It is explained very well, and It is executed perfectly. He wanted to take the guess work out of clipping your leads... it works. The ease of building is laughable on this. Just clip, insert, tighten and you're good. Wicking is super simple, and the barrel o-rings are fantastic! Plus, you can just "Drip through the Tip"... Don't go all crazy, but this one is fine to just drip through the cap, tip and all. The deck design makes that work even better because of the coil placement. It's a winner!


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