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Deathwish Modz-Barebones with Unholy V2

Deathwish Modz

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The amazing new tube & RDA by Deathwish Modz is here! Bask in the glory of the BAREBONES mod and UNHOLY V2 RDA!

The tube is designed to be powered by either a 18650 cell or a 20700 cell! A smart contact system (that is easily swapped to change battery size on the fly) prevents arcing on the battery contacts. This beauty of a tube is 26mm wide, as the amazing Unholy V2!

The Unholy V2 is a beast of an RDA, that is simple yet INCREDIBLY efficient! Two MASSIVE posts (with extremely sturdy 4mm grub screws) will hold your coils in place, and a ball-bearing system within the posts will make sure everything stays locked in place.

Featuring an incased ball bearing within the post itself, it allows for new installation possibilities! Using a lead on top and one at the bottom of the ball bearing, you can install any coils as you would do in a velocity-styled deck - or you can install both leads under the ball bearing for a firm grip on your coils.

Here's what's included with the BAREBONES kit :

The Unholy RDA V2
18650 contact pin + delrin sleeve
Contact tool for easy switch between 18650 and 20700 cells
Misc parts.
My Take: I had to take a Copper... and a Stainless... could't get enough Brass, or I think I'd have the whole "Stable"! We are going to be working on getting even more Deathwish Modz in... I can't even say enough!
The mod. The switch is FANTASTIC! Being a Hybrid single piece 26mm Tube, with a Copper Switch in ALL finishes with Silver Plated contacts. There is an extra spring and contact with a contact tool, and a sleeve for 18650's. I have solely used iJoy 20700's which we carry and it's set up from the get go, and is AWESOME! It just RIPS! The throw and feel of the switch is perfect and unique to me. It's adjustable if need be and easily. And it just RIPS! Did I already say that?
The Unholy V2... wow! THIS ONE DESERVES A WHOLE PAGE TOO! It's great. I messed up my first build, as the ball bearings are intended for above the leads, or above and below, similar to a velocity style. I did the opposite, but managed to get a stable build anyways... just took to much work. 
The versatility here is where it shines along with the deck. The security of the connection and ease of which to build due to the ball bearing (when used properly) is fantastic! 26mm leaves MORE than enough room for whatever you wanna put in there! I'm at .26 with Flat Wire Wrapped Dovpo Coils in the 48 Pack we sell, and it's great! Flavor is FANTASTIC! And so are clouds.
The airflow is the true versatility. This is an atty that can get both without messing with your build too much. If fully open cross style, you get clouds galore, and flavor is spared a tad... but more than solid. Now... my preference is one cross slot open... IT SHINES for flavor, and I've had NO ISSUES regarding heat and airflow.
It truly is rare to be able to use the same build with quality airflow and both clouds or flavor on a mech in my opinion. And this atty is more than up to the task. It's no slouch on a DNA 250 etc... either...
The engravings top it off. They are deep and intricate on both the tube and the atty. The hand reaching presumably from a grave fits the Unholy V2 flawlessly, and it's badass! And the Barebones logo, though large, deep, and intricate. Is more subdued in style, though VERY Deathwish Modz Style!
Don't hesitate on these... FANTASTIC!

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