Continuous Current-Payload RDA

Continuous Current

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This product has a never before seen style for adjustable airflow which starts near the top of the atomizer and feeds directly to the bottom center of the juice well. This allows the air to completely surround the coil, producing even more flavor and any juice at the bottom of the well to percolate up into the coils. It also has under coil airflow on both sides. 
The center post instillation process ensures that under almost any pressure, the center post will never move vertically again making it impossible for a dead short on a hybrid mod. At this time, The Tactical and The Payload are the only ones we are aware of that have dual locking construction making is impossible to push up or down.



22mm Diameter
Redirected Bottom Airflow EntryAirflow Enters Beneath Coil
Provides Smooth and Effective Airflow
Minimizes Leaking Due to Design
3.75mm Diameter Exterior Airholes
3.45mm Interior Airholes
Slanted Negative Post AirflowEnters Chamber At Base of Negative Post
3.75mm Diameter Exterior Airholes
Quad Post Build DeckSplit Positive Post2mm Terminals
Dual Locking ConstructedEliminates Vertical Movement
Minimizes Shorting Issues
Deck Milled Negatives
2mm Diameter Terminals
7mm Deep Juice Well
Wide Surface Area Hexagon Shaped Copper Contact for Superior Contact Area
Better Conductivity
11mm Diameter Integrated Drip Tip

My Take: This one is long, but it's because this thing is glorious. This is an incredible RDA I've owned two myself for a while, and they aren't cheap, so I've been waiting on the right time. The airflow on these is unlike anything I've every seen before or still. There is bottom airlflow, and top side airflow. The bottom functions similar to most bottom airflow RDA's. This is where it gets special. The Top Side Airflow is part of the Milled In Negative Posts. It enters through them, and goes downward to the bottom of the juice well. This allows the air to percolate the juice from below. This RDA is simply incredible, the flavor is intense, and it's very leak proof for a bottom airflow RDA. Further, the top cap can be Rotated so you are utilizing airflow direct to the coils, and closing off the other two entrances. This RDA is extremely versatile and unique. Continuous Current is known for Robust quality products. The design of this RDA uses a press fit 510 pin that is essentially unable to move. They did this so the possibility of shorting on a hybrid mod is near eliminated. I have heated one to the point of the insulator getting malleable due to high heat coil pulsing. After cooling down, the post is perfect as is the atomizer. I've never seen an atomizer take such abuse. It's in perfect shape still. They used an insulating plastic on this RDA that is higher quality than even PEEK. 

Finally. The build room is deceptively large, and extremely intuitive and easy. Further. They milled the post holes so they do not screw further down into the posts past the bottom of the hole. This is an immense improvement over a common design which can trap a lead down the post hole. The connections on this atomizer are as solid as can be. And I'm yet to find a build it won't fit.


I've said a ton. My take is just that. Don't sleep on these. They're in EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY and won't be back. This is an excellent, unique, flavorful, cloud chucking, robust piece of hardware. Simply Fantastic!

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