Top 3 E-Liquids For Some Memorial Day Vaping Enjoyment at Cloudy Peak Vape

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If you want to really get into the Memorial Day spirit, Cloudy Peak Vapes has some special e-juices for you. These three flavors will make you feel festive all weekend long with seasonal tastes that instantly make you feel like summer is coming. 

Memorial Day E-Liquid #3: Fried Watermelon by FRYD

If your Memorial Day plans revolve around sitting beneath the warm sun, you're going to want to treat yourself to a dessert that's as refreshing as it is indulgent. This is the perfect flavor for the job. A juicy watermelon slice is coated in batter and fried to golden-brown perfection. The inhale teases you with that rich batter taste. Then, the exquisite crispness of the watermelon flavor soothes you as the clouds run across the tongue. On the exhale, you'll taste a drizzle of watermelon syrup and plenty of powdered sugar. 

Memorial Day E-Liquid #2: Circus Cooler by Circus Cookie

The ideal beverage flavor for your Memorial Day festivities. As the name implies, it’ll cool you off and refresh you after you've spent hours in the heat. Every puff delivers the thirst-quenching taste of a bubbly soda that's packed with fruity and sweet tastes. Each inhale excites your tongue with the taste of bright, zesty citrus fruits. Then, notes of vanilla and bubblegum wash over the palate. The flavor becomes delightfully effervescent as the vapor sits on the taste buds. Every exhale is pleasantly sugary, making the sweet tooth scream with delight. 

Memorial Day E-Liquid #1: Summer Delight by Aria Elixirs

The perfect tribute to everything that we love about the warm summer months. Zesty, sweet lemonade is infused with fresh strawberries and juicy raspberries to satisfy you all over. Every inhale tantalizes your taste buds with the tartness of the lemon and raspberry flavors. The tangy strawberry juice rushes across the palate as the overall taste becomes sweeter and sweeter. On the exhale, your thirst will be totally gone. 

These vape juices will help you celebrate Memorial Day with summer-inspired flavors that refresh you like crazy.

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