Temperature Control or the Scottish Roll

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Temperature control (TC) has been around for a good while now. First it was Ni200 Nickel Wire, then Titanium, and then Stainless Steel in various grades, and thus various compositions. For the puropose of this article we will refer to Stainless Steel as SS, with 430, 316L & 317l being the variations. In no way am I an expert on alloys, nor am I a massively talented builder, so this information is all collective knowledge which I have gained along the way. A TC device utilizes it's chip to measure the resistance, and based on TCR(Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) of the chosen wire, the mod will detect the resistance increasing as the wire heats. Utilizing the TCR, the mod is able to pull back power once the resistance hits what is equivalent to the set temperature.

Now as I'm sure you know, or can guess, this isn't an accurate science. Your coil is not truly at the chosen temperature. However, with the math done by the chip, based on the wire composition, it gets very close. A good mod with a solid TC build can effectively let you vape until the wick is dry. It can do it rather smoothly, and is a very nice vape.

I personally tired of working with TC. Many love it, I like it, but I find it to be very fiddly at times. Even the nicest chip has times that it just doesn't want to play well. I can accept that it may be error at times in my builds, but in general, TC is a bit finicky.

That brings us back to power, and even high power from a Series Mod. (Both batteries in a series mod are wired in series. So you double the voltage to your coils. You must take care to build safely around .4 when using power such as this.) Generally a mod like this will have the batteries in opposite orientations on the sled. Most regulated mods are in Series. Alternatively, a mod wired in parallel will have both batteries facing the same direction. The way they are wired gives you double the mah(milliamp hours) or capacity, and theoretically more headroom in your Amp drain with your batteries. Parallel does NOT double the Voltage.

Now all that kinda technical stuff leads us here, to the immense benefits of refining your wicking technique, and specifically the Scottish Roll.

The Scottish Roll. If you re-build you've likely at least heard of this method. I ignored it until I got into Series & PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) box mods. I was constantly burning the wick in the center of my coils, since they are large coils for a series build above .4 I decided to go to trusty google, and I finally read the deal with the Scottish Roll. Then I watched this video... my eyes and builds were opened to something glorious!



The Scottish Roll is a technique which straightens and condenses the wicking fiber, utilizing a very short wick. When done right, as you'll see in the Video, you almost can't get a dry it, and can vape the wick dry and clean. I use Cellucotton Rayon myself, and it works for this technique.

I find this important when TC comes into account. Personally, I fell in love with series boxes, after using DNA 200's & 250's for a good year plus. I used SS for TC and loved my DNA's, I still do. They still stand supreme in the TC world in my opinion. I carry many others, and they're all great, or I wouldn't stock them... but my preference lies with Evolv & the DNA.

Now that I've learned the Scottish Roll, and put an extra emphasis on perfecting my wicking, I find myself back to Power Mode or PWM or Unregulated Series boxes. I highly recommend watching or skimming through the video, if you've never done this method. I can vape a series mod dry without so much as a burnt taste. We're talking dry wick. White and clean. It really changed a lot for me. I'd been building for quite a while prior to picking up this technique, and I was kicking myself for not doing it earlier.

It's all preference, and I do use both TC and power, but the combination of the raw power of a series box wicked properly negates the need for TC, for me at least. They both have their place though. Furthermore, I have success wicking TC builds with the Scottish Roll as well. Everything is preference, too. That's the beauty of vaping... we have so many options.

I say take a half hour tops, and give it a try. You may hate it, or you may just find new way to elevate your vaping experience. Have fun! BE SAFE!


Safe Vaping & Keep It Cloudy!


Andrew Salsbury



This article in no way is intended as a tutorial or a guide. It simply is to lead you to information while providing some basic details on how devices work. These devices are not for non-smokers, or minors in their particular State or Jurisdiction. These devices are not FDA approved and are not smoking cessation devices. Cloudy Peak Vapes, LLC does not manufacture or build on atomizers or devices, nor do we or will we ever modify a product. This is an article intended to inform individuals on possible ways to utilize their items. It in no way suggests or implies that Cloudy Peak Vapes, LLC is telling one to do this, nor that this is safe. Please exercise your mind and seek out knowledge. Vape safe! Have Fun! 

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