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If you're ready to switch to a profoundly portable device that's both stylish and extremely advanced, the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod is what you need. This small box-shaped pod mod is more powerful than most devices of its kind. Plus, it can fit into basically any compartment or pocket thanks to its small size.

The Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod is an incredibly powerful pod mod that combines portability with impressive technology. The 950mAh battery that's built into this device guarantees serious longevity of your batteries and satisfying hits that are full of delicious, smooth vapor. 

Unlike many popular pod mods that are on the market today, the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod boasts a refillable pod cartridge that can take any vape juice that's made with nicotine salts. Countless vape enthusiasts are switching over to this method of vaping thanks to the satisfying effects of this unique type of nicotine. When you take a puff, you'll enjoy a powerful hit to the throat that reminds you of smoking an analog cigarette. Plus, the nicotine provides you with a pleasant buzz. 

One of the best features of the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod is its leak-proof design. Finally, you'll be able to vape the day away without getting oily juice all over your hands. The top-filling tank is discreet and durable. It has a capacity of two milliliters. This amount provides you with about the same amount of nicotine as a full pack of cigarettes before it's time to refill. 

The Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod is also one of the most attractive pod mods on the market today. Instead of opting for the trendy pen-shaped design, Smoking Vapor created a small, compact box that's reminiscent of the early box mod designs that we remember so well. You can select from a range of vivid colors. 

Each pull is draw-activated, adding to the comforting sensation of smoking an analog cigarette. Because of its simple design, you won't have to tinker around with complicated settings. Simply fill your tank with juice and you're ready to enjoy a satisfying vape. 

This is an excellent device for those who are new to the world of vaping thanks to its user-friendly design.

So, when it comes to pod mods, few devices are as impressive as the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod. Between its powerful battery and its gorgeous appearance, this device doesn't disappoint.

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