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Few RDA tanks on the market today are as impressive as the District FSVE-24MM Cosmonaut (CSMNT) RDA. This advanced RDA is the result of a collaboration between Disctrict F5VE and Memory Mod Co., two brands that are renowned for their innovative ideas that revolutionize the way in which we approach vaping. This RDA is durable, versatile and full of unique features that take DIY vaping to the next level.

If you want to enjoy true customization in addition to unparalleled flavor, the District F5VE-24MM Cosmonaut (CSMNT) RDA is a must-have. This unique RDA comes with many impressive features that benefit the advanced vape enthusiast tremendously. 

Stainless steel construction makes it incredible durable. This RDA is designed to last for a long time. The deck is plated in 24K gold which promotes consistent conductivity while adding to the sturdiness of the RDA's construction. 

A postless deck sits in an elevated position, dramatically reducing the size of the chamber in order to promote more vapor production. You'll enjoy huge clouds and an exquisite taste with each and every pull. The airflow slots can be adjusted in order to accommodate your coil head's precise needs. 

The 4mm post utilizes large flathead grub screws in order to secure single or dual coil heads. At last, you can enjoy the benefits of an RDA without worrying about your coil head falling out of its proper position. The result is a much more consistent vaping experience overall. 

Inserting a coil into the District F5VE-24MM Cosmonaut (CSMNT) RDA is as easy as it gets. All that you have to do is open the top of the RDA and slide your coil into position. This RDA comes with spare parts so that you can always keep it properly maintained.

The District F5VE-24MM Cosmonaut (CSMNT) RDA is the ultimate RDA for advanced vape enthusiasts who want to enjoy plenty of options without losing that smooth and luscious flavor that they crave. This high-quality RDA is durable, reliable and truly advanced.

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